Unified Demos

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Unified Demos is a programming example viewer which lets you scroll through a list of demos and run them to see what they do. You can also view information about each demo in a tab and view the source code for the demo in another tab. Unified Demos emulates the look and feel of the "gtk-demo" program but is much more flexible. To make any type of demo all you need is a title, a text file describing the demo (called fileA here), a text file containing the source for the demo (called fileB here) and an executable file which will actually run it (called fileC here). Then if you make a list of entries,

<entry name="title" info="fileA" src="fileB" bin="fileC">

inside an XML file with the root tag <demohack>, you will have something that looks like this:

Unified Demos is written in Python and released under the GNU LGPL just like the demos it includes.

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